The idea for this adventure was born in 2008, during one of our numerous wine trips in Langa, but it was only in 2016 that we are able to take the first step towards making it happen. It took passion, determination and a fair amount of madness.

As we do not come from winemaking families nor we had huge capital to invest, we started by being hosted in friends’ cellars where we conducted the first experiments in a professional manner. In 2019 we feel the need to walk alone and, thanks to a few contributions for new business ideas that Alessia has managed to win, we decide to renovate the garage of our home in Collegno, in the province of Turin, and to use it as a Cantina Vinicola Urbana.

We have thus subverted the rule that wants the wine cellars located far from the city!

In these years we have studied, travelled and tasted a lot in search for our personal style, and we have been lucky enough to learn from a dear friend of us, a trusted and talented consultant that is guiding us in our experimentations.

The freedom to experience is one of the positive aspects of not having a tradition behind.

We were intrigued by two local grape varieties from Piedmont in which potentials we trust a lot and that we vinify in purity. Alessia recently took over the management of a small vineyard on the hills of Turin which will guarantee us a large part of the grapes for our red berried wines. While waiting to become fully self-sufficient, we purchase the remaining grapes from trusted winegrowers who work without the use of systemic products. We take care of the harvest and vinification personally.