Our wines are vinified with indigenous yeasts. We cold-stabilized them over the winter months. We do not practice clarifications and if not strictly necessary we do not filter them.
Life is like riding a bicycle: if you want to stay balanced you have to move. - Albert Einstein

Equilibrista is our white wine, or rather yellow! The gold color is in fact its distinctive and deliberately sought-after trait because in our opinion it transmits positivity. The name is a tribute to the personality of our drinks dealer and to the essence of the wine itself, which is that of a dynamic balance.

This wine is born from the vinification in purity of an ancient native variety of Piedmont with an extraordinary propensity for aging.

To obtain the desired color, we vinify it by making it stay in contact with its skins for a variable number of days, depending on the vintage. However, we have chosen not to make strong macerations in order not to lose the varietal characteristics of the grape that we like best, namely the marked minerality and notes of hydrocarbons.

Since we have chosen not to join any disciplinary to maintain freedom to make wine according to our personal style, we are not allowed to indicate the grapes with which our "generic" wines are made, neither on the label nor on the site. Hence do not hesitate to contact us for info about it!