L’Ape Furibonda

Our wines are vinified with indigenous yeasts. We cold-stabilized them over the winter months. We do not practice clarifications and if not strictly necessary we do not filter them.
I'm a furious little bee. I like to change color. I like to change size. - Alda Merini

Ape Furibonda is our red wine. The name reflects the restless personality of both the grape it is made of and our urban cellarwoman.

This wine comes from the vinification in purity of a historic grape variety from Piedmont, which in the face of a noble and prestigious origin suffered from a progressive devaluation (also due to the rebellious and hardly tameable character of this grape) thus being relegated among the minor varieties. It is perhaps the most eclectic of the Piedmontese vines: until recently the best known version was the lively one which, in our opinion, does not fully do justice to a grape with a great aging potential.

However, our idea is that of a wine to be taken seriously, able to combine pulp and tannin, structure and acidity. Maceration lasts as long as needed, usually about two weeks. The wine then ages for a long time in wood in order to shape the varietal exuberance and soften the tannins.

Since we have chosen not to join any disciplinary to maintain freedom to make wine according to our personal style, we are not allowed to indicate the grapes with which our "generic" wines are made, neither on the label nor on the site. Hence do not hesitate to contact us for info about it!