ucci vignaioli

We have focused our efforts on two local grape varieties from Piedmont,
that we vinify in purity.
Alessia recently took over the management of a small vineyard
on the hills of Turin
which will guarantee us a large part of the grapes for our red berried wines.
While waiting to become fully self-sufficient,
we purchase the remaining grapes from trusted winegrowers
who work with no use of systemic products.
We personally take care of harvest and vinifications.
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Our project is a challenge that we have undertaken in 2016,
with passion, determination and a fair amount of madness.
We don't have a family winemaking tradition behind.
Thus we started studing and experimenting
and we came up with a Urban Winery in Collegno, near Turin.
We are Alessia and Mattia, better known as the Uccis.

Our wines

L'Ape Furibonda

I am a little furious bee.
I like to change color.
I like to change size.

-Alda Merini-


Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance,
you must keep moving.

-Albert Einstein-

Il Sole di Leo

The sun is new everyday.


Lenci Vermouth

Whoever has a ‘why’ to live for,
can bear almost any ‘how’.

- F.W. Nietzsche -


In our own way,
we produce unconventional wines.
An artisanal wine is not just an object,
but a piece of the life of the person who made it.
It contains heart, soul and time.
If produced in a sustainable way it is also hope for the future.


Work in the vineyard is aimed at preserving biodiversity
of the land that we have recently taken under management.
The work in the cellar is just as important and fascinating
as the work in the vineyard.
A good wine does not make itself spontaneously.
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