Il Sole di Leo

Our wines are vinified with indigenous yeasts. We cold-stabilized them over the winter months. We do not practice clarifications and if not strictly necessary we do not filter them.
The Sun is new every day. - Heraclitus

Sole di Leo was born from Alessia's passion for full-bodied and colorful rosé wines and from the desire to create a wine that offers the right compromise between the freshness of a white and the structure of a red. In short, a wine for cacciucco or gourmet pizza.

This label - not by chance dedicated to our son - is our laboratory, a space where we can make experiments with grape varieties and / or winemaking techniques. And just as the sun is new every day and has different colors throughout the day, as Leo pointed out, this rosé will also be new at each harvest.

Since we have chosen not to join any disciplinary to maintain freedom to make wine according to our personal style, we are not allowed to indicate the grapes with which our "generic" wines are made, neither on the label nor on the site. Hence do not hesitate to contact us for info about it!