Artisanship and sustainability are the two values ​​that inspire our work.

The first refers to a form of art (techne), to a know-how which, following countless attempts, leads to the creation of a unique product with attention to the smallest details.

The second strives to connect that know-how to constant and growing environmental, social and economic well-being, with the aim of leaving future generations with a dignified quality of life.

An artisanal wine is not just an object, but a piece of the life of the person who made it. It contains heart, soul and time. If produced in a sustainable way it is also hope for the future.
We consider ourself producers of unconventional wines, without pretending to claim for us any special license of ethics and healtiness. Net of our personal ideas, visions and values, we like to remind ourselves that in the end we are only producing wine (an alcoholic and hedonistic good), presumibly to sell it.